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Last updated: Sunday, July 9, 2023

We are excited to see you all shortly! We worked hard behind the scenes to create a welcome guide to not only answer frequently asked questions, but also help everyone maximize their fun and learning while attending the event.

Table of Contents

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1.0 Leading up to Neokiz

1.1 Prep for Festival

Festivals require their own prep to be ready for. Neokizomba as a brand has set up the Ultimate Dance Event Survival Kit to make it easy for everyone to review and see what items would be useful going into Neokiz 2023.

Here's the breakdown:





Body Care

For the Dance Floor



1.2 Hygiene Awareness/Tips

Hygiene plays a big role in the dances you can have during an event. Some tips to keep in mind:

1.3 Setting Up Privates with Instructors

If you are interesting in setting up a private with any of the instructors at Neokiz 2023, reach out to them directly.

We have a space where privates can take place at the hotel, the room (located behind the seating at the Onion Creek Grill restaurant in the hotel).

1.4 Arrival: Airport to Hotel

Be mindful that Uber pickup at AUSTIN airport is not directly outside. You have to go to the garage. Take the elevator to the second floor. Then walk to the pickup Uber location located in the second floor.

Please see this diagram for instructions.

1.5 Hotel Check-In: Austin Southpark Hotel

Attendees can check into the hotel as early as 3:00 p.m. Upon arriving, go to the service desk to the left of the entryway, and present ID so that staff can look up your reservation and check in your reservation.

1.6 Parking at the Hotel

For anyone driving in for Neokiz 2023, standard parking is free at the Austin Southpark Hotel!

2.0 During Neokiz

2.1 Registration

For anyone driving in for Neokiz 2023, standard parking is free at the Austin Southpark Hotel!

Registration is a hub for information! Attendees should access registration for:

Registration will also have the following:

--- 2.1a - Lost & Found

Attendees can turn in any lost items or check for items to Registration for safe keeping. Items will also be posted to the event page to help find their owners.

--- 2.1b - First Aid Kit

Minor cuts and bumps are always a possibility, the first aid kid at Registration will contain bandages and other first aid items and is available to all attendees.

--- 2.1c - Ladies Care Basket

Periods are a fact of life for many dancers, and we would like to ensure that no attendee has to panic should they need anything during the festival. This care basket is at Registration and includes:

2.2 - Safer Space Policy

The Neo Kizomba Festival is committed to create and maintain a safe, welcoming, and respectful space for our community members. At all our events, we are dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for every participant, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, physical appearance, body size, age, race, or dance ability. We do not tolerate harassment of event participants in any form. Anyone engaging in harassing or violent behavior may be expelled from the event, without a refund, and any decisions towards these kinds of behaviors are at the discretion of the Neo Kizomba Festival organizers.

We also have a Code of Conduct and Desired Community Norms that we encourage everyone to read so that this safe space is the intention for all attendees.

To report a violation of this policy during the event and for immediate assistance, please go to registration and request assistance with safe space. To report a complaint outside of event space, please use the Safer Space Contact Form.

2.3 - Jack & Jill Registration

We want everyone to participate that is interested!

Jack & Jill registration is open until 1:00 a.m. on Saturday 7/22, and you can use this link to purchase a pass to compete - Urbankiz Jack & Jill for Neokiz 2023

2.4 - Jack & Jill Check-in

For anyone who is competing, show up to Registration by 11:00 a.m. on Saturday 7/22 to check in and receive your bib for the competition

2.5 - Food Options: Austin Southpark Hotel

The Austin Southpark Hotel has options for food on site that attendees can take advantage of:

2.6 - Food Options: Nearby

All of the delivery options (GrubHub, Uber Eats, DoorDash) will deliver to the hotel, and there are plentiful restaurants in the vicinity.

Instacart is another delivery option that is more geared towards groceries, and can be useful for bulk fruit/snacks/beverages to have available.

Below is a brief list of some of the closest restaurants with addresses and hours of operation:

2.7 - Taxi Dancers

We will have 19 taxi dancers at the festival to help improve the social dancing experience of everyone. A taxi dancer will be on duty when you see them wearing a flashing bracelet. We are desiring an energy of gratitude and appreciation and not ownership or obligation.

Please see our post on the role of taxi dancers at #NEOKIZFEST2023.

  1. Two Taxi Dancers who are off duty can dance with each other.
  2. If one Taxi Dancer is on duty, they should not dance with another Taxi Dancer.
  3. A Taxi Dancer who is off duty can dance with an Artist.
  4. A Taxi Dancer on duty should not dance with an Artist.
2.8 - Vendors

More info coming soon!

2.9 - Social Dancing Etiquette

We will be dancing with new and old friends that we've made in the dance community at the festival and there are many factors to consider navigating the social dance floor at a larger event!

Charles recently created an Instagram carousel and wrote a blog about "18 Reasons For Declining A Dance That Aren't About You". Highly recommended to check it out to navigate the social dance floor better.

Laura Riva has also written many beautiful blogs over the years across many different topics in the dance scene, and here we want to highlight her body of work around etiquette on the dance floor.

2.10 - Decibel Levels

We will have decibel monitors in place to ensure the music level is at a decent level that won't damage our hearing and prevent ringing in our ears.

Please check out this blog for more insight on safe sound levels.

3.0 After Neokiz

3.1 - Hotel Check-Out

The Austin Southpark Hotel allows checkout as late as noon. Plan ahead so you’re not caught off guard and rushing to pack and check out in time.

3.2 - Departure: Hotel to Airport

TSA is chronically understaffed at the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. This has caused serious delays in getting through security. 

The advised time frame for arriving at the airport is 2-3 hours before your flight take-off time. There are several restaurants and seating areas within the airport that should ease any wait time you have before departing.

Keep this in mind when you are scheduling an Uber or taxi service to get you to your flight timely.

3.3 - Survey

We'd love to hear about your experience at this year's festival through our survey! We are raffling off 8 FULL PASSES to #NEOKIZFEST2024!