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JP & Stephy Training Program in Austin, TX!

We are looking to offer another training program of the JP & Stephy Methodology in Austin in the days leading up to the Neo Kizomba Festival again this year!

We are aiming to offer 12 hours of training, and this will depend on the availability of the participants.

The tentative schedule is still the following:

Tuesday, July 18th
- 4 hours in the evening

Wednesday, July 19th
- 4 hours in the evening

Thursday, July 20th
- 4 hours in the evening

The investment per person will be $325. The training is also planned to take place at the hotel that NeoKiz is occurring, Austin Southpark Hotel.

Here is the proposed curriculum for Level 1:

I) Fundamentals
a) Walking
b) Connection
c) Fundamental rules

II) Fundamental Movements - Category 1
a) All Saidas
b) Retroceso & Cha-cha

III) Fundamental Movements - Category 2
a) Pendulum movement
b) Pendulum movement with 1st connector  
c) Pendulum movement with 2nd connector
d) Square concept left & right

IV) Fundamental Movements - Category 4
a) Change of direction  
b) Opening

V) Fundamental Movements - Category 5
a) Turns
b) Shadow position  
c) Pivots
d) Crossing movements
e) Leg & foot lifting
f) Barrida

How To Join!

Click on the button below to be directed to fill out the form with your contact info, kiz history, and goals and also filling out the form you will get an automatic email that will contain the instructions to purchase your spot!

If you do not receive the automatic email please message the Neo Kizomba Festival FB page!
Fill out the form!